Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Not book-related, but still most excellent.

The Inland Northwest Chapter of the Muscular Dystrophy Association is doing one of its events, and I have been volunteered (by whom, I don't know, but I'd better not find out, for his/her sake). It goes like this: I have until the 19th to raise $1200. If I fail to do so, a real police offer will come to my place of employment, put me in his squad car, and take me away (but only for an hour). During my incarceration, I will be forced to call everyone I know and try to raise the rest of my bail money. So give already! (Thanks to my dad and sister, who are lovely people and donated already. Good job to them!) Check out all the wonderful things MDA does for local children by visiting mda.org. If you are stingy or poor and won't be contributing, do something else! Give to another charity you feel strongly about. Volunteer. Walk a dog from the Humane Society. Knit a little hat for a preemie baby. They will appreciate it.

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