Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Series on a Series, Part Three

Little House on the Prairie, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. I'm going to work my way through the rest of these, and probably go on to the spin-offs. They aren't amazing, but they are good writing, especially for their time, and they only take a couple hours to get through. I like them, kind of as a break from most everything else written in the last 75 years: it's a daily accounting of events-- and some days are more exciting than others, but the whole reading experience is smooth-- rather than propelling the reader toward a certain crucial moment.  

Wounded, by Stephen Cole. I'm rather interested to see where this story goes. I thought the characters were good, maybe a little old for their ages, and the plot was also well done: it kept moving right along. There were some fragments, oh, bane of my reading, but they were very natural and flowed well with the rest of the writing style.  

Raising Dragons, by Bryan Davis. I didn't think much of this book. The writer tries to use obscure passages from the Bible to support prophecies for his plot, but it wasn't believable. The writing style was awkward, like the author was uncomfortable or unfamiliar with the style. The characters were more like how adults want to paint adolescence for those approaching it, rather than actual teens. No more masculine embraces, please.  

Everworld: Search for Senna, by Katherine Applegate. This was the only book I read for this little project that can't stand up by itself, without its sequels. Although the story is pretty good and moves right along, the book truncates at the climax. The fragments really bothered me because, most of the time, our good friend the comma would have been an excellent option. It sounded like the author was trying to write how she thought teens might be talking, but didn't have a good handle on it herself. The characters were pretty good, though.

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