Thursday, May 03, 2007

Short Reads

Heaven Cent, by Piers Anthony. Although this book shares the same flaw as its predecessor (The Vale of the Vole), the story is good. There was a big break between the two books, and this one focuses on new characters only quickly presented in the first book. I would have preferred more about the original group; they were quickly mentioned, so we know their happily-ever-afters, but I think I liked them just a bit more than the characters in this book. I am sad my library does not have the next installment. I have it on hold at this library, though.

Fairest, by Gail Carson Levine. In general, I enjoy Levine's fairy tale interpretations; this was no exception. For such classic tales, her tellings are very original. I have also read her Ella Enchanted and The Fairy's Mistake, and do plan on reading the others.

The Westing Game, by Ellen Raskin. The level of this mystery seemed appropriate for the intended age group, but the story as a whole seemed pretty slow. The writing was good as were the characters, but I don't think this story would hold a young reader: there wasn't very much in the way of action, and a few things were left unexplained at the end, not as a tease or challenge to the reader, but just as something that didn't get cleaned up. I don't think I would have voted to give it its Newberry Honor sticker.

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