Wednesday, May 14, 2008

quote-unquote mind candy

The Royal Treatment, by MaryJanice Davidson. This book was totally awesome. By un-creating one of the last states, the author was able to better capture the flavor of independent western USAers. I want to go home.

Hello, Gorgeous!, by MaryJanice Davidson. (I read some other stuff in between these two books; they weren't back to back, I feel the need to say.) In general, this author has a tendency to include material that will soon become dated (references to tv shows, etc). She also has her characters swear more than in strictly necessary, although it usually at least feels in character and not just swearing for the shock factor. Regarding this book specifically, this main character was rather less well-rounded than most. Yes, I subscribe to the negative stereotypes surrounding sorority girls, but I don't actually think they are all this thick-headed. This author's characters are usually refreshing and interesting; this one was rather a let-down.

Girl's Guide to Witchcraft, by Mindy Klasky. I went "Oo, magic; sexy-colored cover; this will be good summer reading." I was pleasantly surprised to find that the author and the main character are both librarians. The writing is quite good (no pesky fragments, proper use of commas vs. semi-colons, etc), but what I truly, absolutely loved is that the character will make some comment in passing that I know most readers are just totally ignoring, but these little gems made me feel so much closer to the character-- she understands what I do! She says the things I think! They made my day.

also book two, Sorcery and the Single Girl. Book three (Magic and the Modern Girl) due October 08. I will be reviewing the first 2 for the summer issue of the Slissard Line.

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