Saturday, May 03, 2008

You're the one that I want

and one leftover from the mass assignment, which got lost under the bed: Fight Game, by Kate Wild. I was so upset when I unearthed this one, since I had read it to fill a specific need in my assignment, and then totally lost it. Good thing I found it before it was overdue.
This book kind of let me down, in that its back blurb and catalog entry all made it sound much more science fiction-y than in fact it is. It's more action-y. Good boy book.

Once upon a Crime, Magic and Other Misdemeanors and Tales from the Hood, by Michael Buckley. So yeah, I like the series. Problem?

Boy2Girl, by Terence Blacker. This was a really great book. It will touch readers. If it doesn't, they will still think it's funny. It can be read for a laugh, or for introspection and discussion. I would love to see this in a classroom: it has incredible potential.
I worried at first that there were too many characters-- the story is told through snippets of narrative from quite a number of characters (15, I believe)-- but it never became confusing, so, way to go, Terence.

Sleeping with the Fishes, by MaryJanice Davidson. This was my first mindless beach reading book of the summer. I picked this author because her books tend to span multiple genres (I've listed this in my log as Romance, Fantasy, Mystery, in that order) and her characters are usually quite likable. She has two other series that I like; all those books go so quickly that I got through the seven book series in three days over winter break. I can't say there's really any redeeming literary value here (in this one or in any of these), but the author tends to use full sentences, so readers don't have to feel too bad about "wasting" time on them. There are a number of references to television shows and other items which will date this book, but it has a few years of readability left.

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