Saturday, July 12, 2008

sorry for the delay. here we go again.

The Final Warning: A Maximum Ride Novel, by James Patterson. Boo. Are young readers convinced that a man now over 60 has any idea what and how teens, and teen girls, think? Even given the differences in our childhoods, I can't image Max as anything close to a realistic character. I'd be surprised if Patterson's "arguments" concerning global warming actually convince young readers. It's good that it gives them an opportunity to think about the topic, but it's poorly presented. A majority of the book feels like it's on a mission, rather than just being a fun read. Please, please stop writing these, Mr. Patterson.

Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers: More Mad, Marvy Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, by Louise Rennison. No list of non-words this round, though not because they were lacking from the book. Now that there are 9 of these silly things, I feel compelled to continue reading them, to see if they are redeemed in the slightest. I'm not yet convinced they are worth the paper they are printed on, although an avid fan with a decent argument could convince me. 

The Princess and the Hound, by Mette Ivie Harrison. This could have been a much stronger book, although it wasn't bad. There was some body-possession-switching going on, and it was sometimes confusing which character the author was talking about. The problems seemed too difficult and long-term to be solved as simply as they were. 

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague, by Brandon Mull. The focus seems to be shifting a bit to Seth as the main character, but I'm not convinced about his previous character developments. He could be a stronger character. Kendra had a few moments in this book that made me wonder about the author's view of women. Apparently 2 more books are scheduled to come out.

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