Saturday, October 04, 2008

Somebody Loves Me!

Ms. Yingling, whose blog is a bit more interesting than mine, sent me an I Love Your Blog award! She says she loves me "because of her very short reviews of LOTS of books. That's really all I need. And the name. You'll be a great librarian!" Thanks, and I'm so glad my one regular reader finds my blog helpful! See her blog entry for October 2 to see the other people she nominated. Riddled with life: Friendly worms, ladybug sex, and the parasites that make us who we are, by Marlene Zuk. This book was very interesting, but seemed to wander around among a number of different loosely-related topics. My thoughts on evolution aren't set in stone, but I find some of these ideas a little bit beyond my ability to swallow. Still, a very interesting piece of nonfiction. Bloomington Days, by Blaise Cronin. I was excited to get this from the library, since I've enjoyed some journal articles by this author. I'm reticent to critique it, however, since he is the Dean of my program. Can I get expelled for giving my department head a bad review? I'm... probably not going to finish it.

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