Sunday, November 09, 2008

An Un-Asked For Day Off

I was sick early last week, so ran through these on my one day off, in spite of the fact that I slept half the day. Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist, by William R. Maples. This book was pretty interesting, although the writing style was not quite to my taste: it felt a little dumbed down, and I enjoy some of the more technical stuff. The author also tended to repeat himself, which was a little annoying. There is some good basic information about forensic anthropology, if anyone is interested, but if they are really interested, they might want something with more detail. Frogs and French Kisses, by Sarah Mlynowsky. It feels like the author is getting in to the story a little bit more in this one: the characters are more detailed and the story felt more plausible. I'll give the third one a try before rendering a decision. Caught Between the Pages, by Marlene Carvell. This wasn't a bad book, but it could have been so much more. The diary on which the story centers has really a minor role, and the main character was obviously not the bad guy the author wishes he was. I did appreciate the writing style, as you know how much I love full sentences.

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