Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a wee plea.

Oh dear blog follower(s), I'm not sure what to do about my library's partial collection of Fearless books. We have copies of number 1-5 (Fearless through Kiss, 1999-2000), numbers 25-29 (Lost through Lust, 2003 all), and one each from the Gaia Moore series (the first, Kill Game, 2005) and the Fearless FBI series (Live Bait, 2005, the first of 3). Completing the series would represent a significant investment on the part of the library. Some of the older (earlier) books aren't even available through the publisher or B&T, but I could shore up the end, get the last seven or so, and fill in the Fearless FBI series. I'm chatting with others in my library about this, but I'd appreciate your thoughts. -- sm.

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Ms. Yingling said...

I feel your pain. What you must do is take several deep breaths and chant to yourself "We are not an archive". The sad truth is that by the time books are out of print, they are "old" and students are not as interested in them. Does this mean that I have never paid out of my own pocket for book three of a defunct series? No. But if your library doesn't have the money and the books are not red hot, you must let go. It will be something easy to read the next time that horrible project must be done.
My sympathies for your loss!