Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy Oh Boy!

I loved Eoin Colfer's Half Moon Investigations, which I recently read and commented on. I sent in a slightly revised review to Boys Rule! Boys Read!, a blog by guybrarians for young guy readers. Many of my recent favorite books are for the 12-year-old boy group, so I enjoy their recommendations. I sent in my review because the great guys have no Colfer reviewed on their site and needed to hear about his greatness. Carl posted my review and has made me an honorary guy in honor of my service! Thanks guys! I'm printing out my certificate and putting it up in my office I'm so proud. If you serve male teens, tweens, and youth, and don't already visit Carl, Bill, and Zack over at their blog, you ought to. Authors and other bloggers make the occasional guest post, and they include reviews from the young men at their library. Nobody knows boys like boys.

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