Thursday, February 18, 2010


Just Desserts, by G.A. McKevett. I started this book several weeks ago and only made it through 60 pages. It's another themed mystery series, and I've recently ordered the 15th book in the series. *sigh* The main character is one of those no-way-i'm-graying, middle-aged, single, horny female detectives, of course partnered with a slightly older, gruff, unreadable male partner. The writing is typical crappy mystery, telling how everything looks but not creating real characters the reader can identify with. This Will Kill You: A Guide to the Ways in which We Go, by H.P. Newquist and Rich Maloof; illustrations by Jim Shinnick, with a foreword by Peter M. Fitzpatrick and an afterword by Bill McGuinness. I enjoyed this very much. Some of the ways were very specific (going over Niagra Falls in a barrel) and some were pretty vague (lions, tigers, and bears, all in one entry). The level of specificity was good; I always want more detail and more science, but this was enough to temporarily satisfy, if not to fully sate. This is why I love collecting for DD#s 600-620: I now know the poison from a puffer fish can counteract the poison from a poison dart frog. Neighborhood Games, (for Wii) by THQ. This has a lot of different backyard-type games, like horseshoes, football, and super soakers. The kids enjoyed it. I think the people and all the graphics were kind of cartoon-y. I picked it because it was one of the few 4-player games I could lay hands on this week. It served its purpose, but I wouldn't pick it again.

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