Tuesday, March 30, 2010

referencing in the sun-- hurrah for windows.

Pool Hall Pro, by PlayLogic.   This multiplayer game is good for small groups, but wouldn't work with big groups: it's not a very fast-paced game, so people not set up in the tournament bracket would be rather bored.  The game is rated E but it's not a kid's game; the characters are rather thug-ish, like mobsters or something.
Also, although I'm not an expert at the actual game, I don't think this reliably and realistically replicates the physics of real pool.

Eric, by Terry Pratchett. I'm going to have to read Faust: this book makes reference to it (how many references I don't know) and, while cleaning up my pile of ARCs I'm never going to get to, I saw one called Another Faust, or something like that. 
Anyway, a good story as usual, with the added bonus of no errors or typos this time. 

I also finished reading the manuscript; as it is a book, I'm counting it toward my lifetime goal.

Finally, don't forget that Thursday (April 1) is the International Edible Book Festival.  Last year I made a cake featuring the Incredible Book-Eating Boy.  I'm not sure what it'll be this year.  I've got some cake mixes but I'm short on inspiration.  It doesn't help that I have a late-night program (well, till 8 or so, but at another branch, so I won't get home till maybe 9) the night before.  I'll probably do something really simple, like just a rectangle cake decorated in an attempt to look like one of the covers from one of the myriad themed murder mysteries (we have this series, plus a few others I can think of but don't know the names to).

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