Monday, March 01, 2010

Weekend Reads

Num8ers, by Rachel Ward. This sounded like a very interesting book. It was pretty good, but not phenomenal. There isn't really anything I can point to and say "this let me down," but I guess the book just didn't speak to me. It didn't really grab me. The main character is a good character, but she was missing some little thing and that kept me from really connecting with her. It is the best cover I've seen so far this year, and that will be the best way to sell this book-- displays and face-outs. The Case of the Missing Books, by Ian Sansom. A mystery series about a bookmobile librarian? How could I not! Well, after page 44, I didn't. The main character was pretty flat, and came off a little too misanthropic. I couldn't make myself care about him, and he was too whiny for me to want to devote any more time to it.

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