Wednesday, June 02, 2010

old old old old

Lords and Ladies, Men at Arms, Interesting Times, and Maskerade, by Terry Pratchett.    I prefer the watchmen stories, followed closely by the witches stories.  I don't really like the wizards all that much, and the stand-alone books... meh. 
I've been trying to read them in order, but the order listings are slightly different in the beginnings of different books.  I guess I'm close.

Strange Angels, by Lili St. Crow.  This was described to me by a coworker as Buffy but better.  It is certainly darker, but it's not very compelling.  It wasn't very exciting; I never felt gripped. 
Plus it always really annoys me when stories (authors) pretend a lot of the lore around these subjects doesn't exist.  Working within the genre means you can't ignore everything that's gone before.

The Pirates of Turtle Rock, by Richard W. Jennings.  I didn't get very far into this book at all.  It sounded like an interesting plot from the description, but the book reads like it was written by someone who writes textbooks for a living.  That doesn't appear to be the case, based on the author's listed works on his website, but that's the distinct impression I got. 

Foiled, by Jane Yolen and Mike Cavallaro.    This was a pretty good graphic novel.  Not fantabulous, but worth having in the library, certainly.  It looks like it will go on with at least a few additional installments.
The book was a bit slow at the beginning, but then toward the end, it seemed to skip.  I don't frequently enjoy graphic novels because I always feel like, in the exciting bits, it seems like a few cells are left out.  The same thing happened here.

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