Wednesday, September 29, 2010

just keep reading, just keep reading

Oh, I did ask my grandma if she knew anything about The Starvation Experiment, but she didn't remember hearing about it.  She was only a teenager at the time, and she talked about some of the things that were on her radar then, but this wasn't something she remembered.  She asked me to email her the title, and I'm happy to say that her local library system has 2 copies at branches.

Meow! (There are Cats in This Book), by Viviane Scwarz.    The Little Reader really enjoyed the flaps in Lily's Potty, so I looked for some other interactive books.  We read this one a few times, but it's definitely not his favorite.  I think the flaps are too big; he doesn't find them very challenging.  There isn't much of a real story, either.

Beware! Museum Bears: A Pop-Up Fantasy, by Jacqueline Karas; illustrated by Malcolm Ashman; paper engineering by David Hawcock.  I have no idea what this book is about, actually.  We haven't actually read it, just looked at the pictures and played with the pop-up pieces.  There's a museum full of dinosaurs, and it appears the population of the world is made up exclusively of teddy bears.
The illustrations are good.  I was surprised the LR liked them, since they aren't quite as bold as some of his favorites, but what 3-year-old could resist the combination of dinosaurs, teddy bears, and fine motor manipulation?

Let's Save the Animals: A Flip-the-Flap Book, by Frances Barry.  These flaps were just right!  Also, this is a great book all around and I highly recommend it for every picture book collection.  The illustrations are very colorful but simple.  The flaps are a little bit big, but reveal new pictures and text underneath.  For the more advanced toddler or K-ish audience, each page has option (very small!) text with a factoid about how or why the animal is endangered.  There's definitely an agenda coming through from the author, but it's still a pretty good book.

Glad Monster, Sad Monster: A Book About Feelings, by Anne Miranda; illustrated by Ed Emberley.  Our library branch didn't have How Are You Peeling?, but I spotted this on the shelf and took it instead.  I am still trying to give the LR a vocabulary for this.
He actually seemed to get more out of this book than when we read How Are You Peeling? a few months ago.  It's helpful that it gives several example for each emotion, and one emotion per page.  The monsters aren't scary at all-- they have alot in common with the "monsters" on Sesame Street, although they look different.  But definitely non-threatening.
Librarians, beware: there are 7 loose pages that go in a pocket in the back.  Each page is like a mask.  We played with them and had a good discussion, but they have little flaps on them and we... contributed to their eventual breakdown.  Sorry, KRL; little hands have a hard time being gentle.

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