Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Toys and Things.

I had this post ready to go a week ago; then I wanted to check one thing before posting, and before I knew it, I had a bunch more books to add.  I just can't keep up.  

The Fall, by Robert Muchamore.    There are getting to be kind of an unwieldy number of characters.  And the topics are starting to get pretty heavy.  But I like the action and the main character so much that I started this at 10 pm and finished it at 2 am, which I am heartily paying for right now.

Soulless, by Gail Carriger.   First of all, I read this on my Nook, which was my present for my recent birthday.  I nearly took the thing back, because for some reason, I had an unreasonable amount of difficulty getting my first book loaded.  Unfortunately, I can't even say what the problem was: I made one last attempt, trying something I had already tried several times, and it mysteriously worked.
I was able this morning to download a second book to it with no further problems, so I think I will keep it. It's completely unnecessary, but birthdays are a time for toys.  I usually only get things I actually need, but it has been a long that since I got something just because it would be fun.
I would like to apologize to all the patrons to whom I said, "I've been told that once you get the first title downloaded, it's much easier after that."

So, Soulless, now.  Spectacular.  The first chapter was a bit rough while the author found her voice, but once she was settled in, the book really took off.  Very intriguing, very mysterious; mostly I was captivated by the language: the author did a good job of capturing the right period feel without feeling false.  There were a few times when I was tempted to say "that's not in the lore!" but the additions or subtractions she made regarding her supernaturals went so well with the story that I can hardly complain.

Mermaid, by Carolyn Turgeon.    This is a so-so story, certainly not competition for everything else I've got going on.  I made it to page 83 before deciding that, while not worthless, it does qualify as a waste of time.

We have been reading alot of Dr. Seuss at home, with particular favorites being The Cat in the Hat (as read by me-- I do a mean Fish in a Pot) and Green Eggs and Ham (as read by my husband, who does good voices).  Last night at dinner, in a lull in the conversation, the boy started spouting half-pages of The Cat in the Hat, with a particular focus on the "Up-up-up with a fish" scene.  :)

Finally, I did Summer Reading Promotions to 5 hours of 6th graders and then, three days later, 5 hours of 7th graders.  I didn't talk too much about books, just the programs and all the associated activities.  We are doing just about 2 programs a week in the YA division alone (we aren't really a department, so I think division works-- we are 2 self-selected staff, one from Adult and one from AV, and we are the only people making this happen), so if I have a few more gray hairs before September, that might be why.


Ted Viveiros said...

Good to hear from you again. I especially liked the reviews of the Dr. Suess books and "the boy".

The East Coaster said...

Of these, I've only read Souless, but I loved it as quick, fun read. I'm adding the others to my buy list right now.