Wednesday, October 05, 2011

stuff (surprisingly) not for work

Princess in Waiting, Princess in Pink, Princess in TrainingParty Princess, and Princess on the Brink, by Meg Cabot.

Alienated, by David O. Russell and Andrew Auseon.    Theoretically a good book for boys, this totally isn't grabbing me.  It's too unbelievable.  For the kind of suspension of disbelief required, the book would need to start slower, not just jump right in with both feet.  The writing isn't super spectacular either; it sounds like what I manage to come up with when I make my feeble attempts at prose.

I Am Number Four, by "Pittacus Lore."  This turned out to be a fantastic book.  It sounded weird when I read the synopsis, but it was so popular.  Plus, desperate for something to beef up the selection a little, I mentioned this when I went to promote for SRP last May, so I figured I should know what it was I had promoted.  Kind of weird, but I liked it, and the story really moves.  Definitely appropriate for 7th and up.

13 words, by Lemony Snicket; illustrated by Maira Kalman.  I did not read this, actually, but saw it on the shelf and thought my son would like it.  He has been learning words and letter sounds at an amazing rate.  My husband tried to read this to him, but he wouldn't focus.

Friends All Aflutter! by Andy Runton.  I love Owly!  So much!  This is a picture book instead of the usual graphic novel sized books, so it's in full color, which I adore.  I've tried to force Owly and Wormy on the boy, but he isn't loving it.

The Boozy Baker: 75 Recipes for Spirited Sweets, by Lucy Baker.  I had my cookbook-ordering colleague order this for us.  My youngest brother recently had his 21st birthday, far, far away in Nevada, so I wanted to make him appropriate cookies.  How surprising that we didn't have anything like this in the collection.
This is a good cookbook, with interesting information about some of the recipes, and all of the recipes look doable.  The three I made turned out fantastic.

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Ted Viveiros said...

I'm sure Jake liked the cookies. Glad you had a cookbook to use. 13 words looks like an interesting book, especially when I discovered what the 13 words were.