Friday, April 06, 2012

Happy Edible Book Day!

We celebrated the Edible Book Festival on Monday (the 2nd).  Everyone had so much fun!  As you can see, there were some great contributions.  (We didn't worry about voting or prizes or anything.  The fun was in the participating!)

(Blogger is not nice with my pictures.  Sorry.)

The Grapes of Wrath, An Egg on Three Sticks, and Black Coffee all were brought by the same person.  :)  The Joy of Cooking, brought by a coworker quasi-famous for her ultra-strong desire to not cook anything at all ever.

My contribution, inspired by a title by Joanna Fluke: Sugar Cookie Murder!  (I haven't read it and I feel a little guilty about that.)  It's a sweet crime scene, complete with bystanders.  Mostly I'm proud of getting everyone (except the dead guy) to stand up!  And because I'm sure you're curious, the disembodied head got eaten first. 

Best Friends for Francis, which I read on my lunch break that day, Gone with the Wind, and Alphabet Soup.  Not a bad showing for a staff of ~15 FTE, I thought!

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Ted Viveiros said...

What a great idea. Fun post. (p.s. I could help you with the blogger formatting of your pictures). xo to mr.