Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Color of Magic, by Terry Pratchett.  My husband started reading this one and asked me a question about something I didn't remember.  So I read the book again.  Of course, my husband still hasn't finished it, about two weeks later.

Dirty Jobs, Collection 2, with Mike Rowe.  I like these.  I bought some more for the library.  I'll watch those, too.

The Castrato and His Wife, by Helen Berry.  927.  I'm not sure why this author wrote this book; it's an interesting topic with opportunities for discussion on how early science impacted policy and how religious organizations decided civil matters.  However, there are no original documents from the historical figure who is the main focus of the book.  It seems as this was the only historical figure in quite this circumstance, so it's not as if the author could have chosen someone else for a similar topic, but the lack of letters, diaries, etc., from the main character makes the book seem weaker.

The New Cooking of Britain and Ireland: A Culinary Journey in Search of Regional Foods and Innovative Chefs, by Gwenda L. Hyman.    From the title and a quick glance through, I thought this would be sort of historical walk through some of the recipes from different regions.  In practice, the first section at least is a list of which restaurants are worth a visit and a little bit of the history of the chefs at each of those locations.  It must surely be out of date by now and ended up being very boring.  Did not finish.

The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, by Malcolm Gladwell.  302.  This guy should be president.  More people should read this book.


Ted Viveiros said...

Looking for a good book to read while lounging in Hawaii. This one sounds like it might be of interest to me, although not sure I want to read about politics while on vacation. I'll look into it.

Ted Viveiros said...

Opps... After looking into it, it doesn't look like its about politics at all. Not sure where I got that idea. Maybe from your comment about the author should be president. Anyway, I found a new one on Ebay for $5.00. I'd check it out from the library for free but we're going to be gone too long.