Thursday, January 24, 2013

blast from the past.

Bold Spirit by Linda Hunt.  A friend recommended this; it had already been on my read-it list and the recommendation pushed me over to checking it out.  After I checked it out, I then realized I have a snagged-from-the-books-sale copy at home.
I started reading it and, while interesting, it couldn't hold my attention against more pressing (pre-pub or checked-out) books.  It's like coming into the house and being safe on my shelves is almost a guarantee I won't read it.  Made it page 26; pretending to save it for a vacation.

Jeeves and Wooster, seasons 1 through 4 (almost), with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry.  I've watched these before, just gave them another try.  I enjoy them very much, but they are difficult for me to watch:
1.  the utter lack of subtitles in my busy house.
2.  there are a ton-- quite literally, I think-- of minor characters.  They would be hard enough to keep track of, but many of the characters switch actors throughout the seasons.  It throws me off.
Now that my boy and his daddy are at a sports practice a few nights per week, I actually have a shot at watching things I want to watch, and being able to hear them to boot.

Augusta's Daughter: Life in Nineteenth Century Sweden by Judit Martin. This... was kind of weird.  The level of historical detail was great, especially since the focus was on typically-un(der)represented portions of populations.  However, I could never get over the writing.  The prose/narration was fine, if a little instrution-y, but let me find a good piece here for ya...
(there are only 2 people in this conversation, Gustaf and Olov, and the conversation has already been going on for a full page.)

"Could Gustaf take it upon himself to be godfather to the lass?" he asked.
"It would be and honor," he replied.  "But Olov is not thinking about asking my Greta, is he?"
"No. That will have to be another time..."
"Can Gustav and Stina..."he began.
(from page 26.)  This was consistent throughout the book.  Is this a big flaw in the writing?  It's presented as if people talked that way.  If so, some sort of forward or author's note is totally lacking.  I can't get over this; it ruined it for me.

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