Saturday, July 06, 2013

summer post 2

Daughter of Time by Sarah Woodbury.  This is an author with local ties who is coming to do a program at my library, so I ordered and read her book.  (She actually has quite a few, but this is the the first in the more popular series.)  There are reasons this book is self-published.  1, A good editor can take you a long way.  Repeated words (either the same same word twice ( :D ) or the same adjective two sentences in a row), space problems, missing quotations... There was even one sentence that ended in both a period and a comma. What?  2, This is page-for-page pretty much exactly Outlander: female main character had a bad first marriage, magically transported through time, gets stuck with manly olde-time-y man who is always in danger because it's a time full of fighting, falls in love (Stockholm syndrome, hello), endures much danger, whoops pregnant, gets sucked back through time to have the baby safely in a modern hospital, thinks she can't get back, gets gobs of education in a field that-- hurrah-- will be very helpful when she's sucked through time back to the past in later books, which we know will happen without fail.  Are there readers for this book?  Definitely.  I know people who will adore this.  But considering how bored I got with Gabaldon's work, a similar series that's written less-well is unlikely to appeal to me.

Now, having slept on it and read another entire book in the meantime, I find I'm still very interested in reading the second book.  My OCD is showing through. No, I refuse.

The Twelve Clues of Christmas by Rhys Bowen.  I'm so sad the next one isn't out til August. Bummer. 
There were some problems with this book that make me think it was either a rush job or, more likely, some issues with converting to ebook (I read it on my Nook).  I can't be the only who finds these very disruptive while reading.

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