Sunday, April 12, 2015

i'm not outside, because it's cold out there.

more coffee, please.

Sex Criminals: Two Worlds, One Cop (vol. 2) by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.  Can I, like, get these issues as they come out?  How do I sign up to receive comics?  Let me look into that...

The Last Man: The Deluxe Edition book 3 and book 4 by Brian Vaughan, Pia Guerra, Goran Sudzuka, and Jose Marzan, Jr.  Hah!  Compilation volumes ILL'ed so I don't run out of free requests for the year.  Score!

I do kind of feel like some of the situations in these felt a little contrived.  Surviving and traveling around the world in a post-apocalyptic environment would be difficult enough.  How many secret societies can be shoe-horned into this story line?

3rd Rock from the Sun, seasons 1-6, with John Lithgow.  I've been trying to hide from reality, so I watched a lot of TV the last few weeks.  Thank you, Netflix, for letting me know you had this.  I'd only ever seen random episodes in syndicate, so it was nice to watch them all in order.
Seasons 1 through 4 were best, season 5 ok, season 6... yeah, it's time to be done.  The series finale was ok.  It wasn't great, but at least it wasn't sappy.

The Book That Shall Not Be Named Here, by an author I won't mention right now.  Freelancing wasn't getting me much of anywhere, so now I'm doing a little bit of editing and/or proofreading for a small publisher.  (Does not represent a conflict of interest, since they really only publish in ebook format and the titles aren't available through OverDrive.  Plus, I wouldn't endanger my job over the 12 cents buying a copy would earn me.)

When I started this project, I was solicited to be the editor.  I would have been happy to tell you about this book because, while the first part had some issues, it had a good world and interesting characters at its base.  After editing a quarter of the book, the author decided no further editing was needed, and I was told to just proofread the manuscript.  I will now not be suggesting this title to you, because it has issues.  It needed editing.  I fixed the commas, but you would be appalled at the contradictory information and motivation gaps.
But I'm mentioning it here, because I read it twice.  It will count in my annual totals.

I think I'll work in the yard now.  The sun came out a bit, and the amount of work our yard needs usually warms me up.

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