Saturday, January 02, 2016

Nothing much.

We've all been home this weekend, so every attempt I've made to sneak away with a book has been futile.  So it has been a lot of movies, board games, and video games.  It has been nice to spend so much time in my jammies, but I'll enjoy going back to a regular work week soon.

Star Trek: Voyager,
season 1, with Kate Mulgrew.  Lesson one: stop going inside things.

Additional 2016 challenge: In addition to a 48-hour book challenge,  I'm going to challenge myself to make greater strides in my nonfiction survey. I never set an end-date when I started that project, and I occasionally pick up a few titles to add to it.  I obviously read rather heavily in a few chosen areas.  But in the years I've been tracking it, I've only read books in 23 of the 100 categories.  (I've read a lot more than 23 nonfiction books, but they tend to clump up, in the 610s, especially.)  And last year, I naturally (as in, without making any attempt at all) read eight nonfiction books.  So, my additional self-challenge for 2016 is to read my way through at least 15 more Dewey decimals.

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