Thursday, July 21, 2016

Re(ad)treat: Start

I am half-way through a week's vacation at this moment.  My husband had a few days off, so Sunday through Wednesday, the family camped along the Dosewalips River.  (The state campground there is wonderful, by the way: very big, private campsites, and plenty of full-hook-up camper sites, if that's your thing.)

I didn't want the last couple of my days off to be a stay-cation that accidentally devolves into nothing but chores.  So after years of watching other bloggers take part in the annual 48-hour reading challenge, I set up my own.

This morning, I dropped my son off with his grandparents and, at 10:54 am, I began 2 days of reading in the forest.  I listened to my audiobook on the last part of the drive and while setting up my campsite (see below).

I intend to eat snacks, drink wine, sit by the fire, and maybe take a nap in the sun.  Reception seems good so I'll post regularly, or until my battery runs out.  Now a quick exploratory amble, and then it's time to hit the books.  

Sounds like vacation to me.

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Ms. Yingling said...

What fun! I so missed the 48 Hour Book Chalenge this tear! I hope to run one next June, but I found a #24in48 readathon that I'm doing this weekend. Not in the woods, though, more's the pity! Thanks for sharing your great pictures.