Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Shh. My house is noisy.

The late show by Michael Connelly.  I'm pretty confident that this is my first Michael Connelly book; I was worried that the writing would turn out to be overhyped (see my opinions but James Patterson, Debbie Macomber, etc.).  I found I enjoyed this quite a bit.  Although I was a little surprised to see the main character so blazé about sneaking around the law, she seemed a real enough character.  I've certainly read a few male-authored books featuring completely unlifelike female lead characters (*cough*Robert J. Sawyer*cough*) but there wasn't anything jarringly inaccurate here.  The most distracting thing was that the story used a lot of acronyms and specialist terminology that, not being a huge reader of police procedurals, I wasn't at all familiar with.

The story wrapped up pretty well-- although I was expecting more cleanup on a few issues, I guess they'll be covered in the sequel.  There isn't any great need to read beyond this installment: it's mainly  interpersonal character issues that will carry the story through, and each book will have separate crime stories.

Little white duck: A childhood in China by Na Liu and Andres Vera Martinez.  This was on our YA GN shelf, and it's definitely juvenile-- the topics and sentence structure are way more appropriate for a younger audience.  It's a book about life in another part of the world without getting too dark or detailed; age appropriate for grades 3 and up.  I'm just relieved to be able to check off my author-born-in-China box-- I had such a hard time finding a novel.

After a move at the beginning of the month we still don't have the computer set up, and my tablet Bluetooth keyboard died earlier this week (I have complained to the manufacturer), so I'm doing this on my phone.  Please forgive any weird autocorrects I've missed.  (I caught some really weird ones.)

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