Friday, January 05, 2018

only 124 to go

My grandmother asked me to tell you she's sorry by Fredrik Backman.  This was one of my Yule Book Flood books (good match, Leslie!).

First, this is a very good book: although it has a larger cast of characters, they all are realistic and have depth; the plot progression is well-planned; the slow revelation of fairy-tale characters as real people encourages the reader to engage with the fairy tales directly.  Having read several of the author's other books, I was expecting a bit more from this, though.  It's not really clear in the beginning why the fairy tales are important, so it's hard to know which parts to remember. 

There were some moments that were very touching, but it's a very different reading experience than any of his other books.  Most recommended to readers new to this author.

Mrs. Robinson's disgrace: The private diary of a Victoria lady by Kate Summerscale; read by Wanda McCaddon.  This seems like a cool story, but audio is not the right format for this: it jumps right into the story with plenty of people to remember.  Not appropriate for how I usually listen to audiobooks (i.e., while in the kitchen).

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