Sunday, August 05, 2018


Midnight crossroad by Charlaine Harris.  This was pretty fun. There were a couple missteps with remarks that didn't end up leading anywhere, but they were pretty minor.  Probably best read by people with at least a passing familiarity with the author's Sookie Stackhouse series-- it may not be exactly the same universe, but we skip over the whole "oh, vampires exist?" business, so not for new readers of paranormal.  The who-done-it is a little out of left field, but not too jarring.

A lady's guide to etiquette and murder by Dianne Freeman.  I'm giving myself a pat on the back for the 100th book I've finished this year.  This is a Good Book: not too many side characters to track and they are different enough to keep separate; hints at future romance but not silly or overwhelming. Looking forward to future installments.

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