Sunday, May 12, 2019


Nanny Ogg's cookbook by Terry Pratchett.  This was a fun read, although I'm not sure I'd want to actually try any of the recipes... Plus, everything is in liters and grams and whatnot and I am lazy.
The non-cooking related sections were fun, and true to the character.  Nothing much more to say about it.

Night work by Laurie R. King.  I have mixed feelings about this book.  It took a while to get into it, which might be because it relied rather heavily on previous novels (I did not realize it was a series).  Also, I had to spend some time figuring out the relationships (and genders) of some of the characters. 
The  book did have many positives: the writing was good, the characters were believable enough, the plot progressed smoothly.  It was written very wel, especially for crime fiction.  In places I could almost visualize it, just like a Law & order episode.

Number the stars by Lois Lowry.  This book brought to life a small portion of the German occupation.  This book is set at a fairly low reading/age level-- there is no blood or death, only the need for a friend to run away and hide for a while, and come back later safely.
This is powerful, but in a very different way from The giver and Gathering blue.  It's more of a history and less of a statement, like the other books. 
Her language, as usual, is amazing, a wonderful experience for young readers (and older readers, too).

O Jerusalem by Laurie R. King.  This book started off like The moor, slow and rather dull, as if the author was trying to rally her forces.  The story picked up, though, and gave detail to a part of the story previously glossed over.
This one was written out of sequence, so the relationship between Holmes and Mary, although it was accurately portrayed, felt wanting compared with the previous two books.

Outlander by Diana Gabaldon.  This book was great in its historical detail, and it was exciting as well.  It really brought the people and places to life.  We "learned" about the Jacobite rebellions in my 18th century lit class, but I had no interest in it because it was unconnected to much. 
The only negative thing I have to say is that it had a bit more smut than seemed necessary, but it wasn't completely tasteless.

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