Thursday, May 22, 2008

Part 1.

The post is in multiple parts today because blogger won't let me have more than 200 characters in my tags, and I've let too much accumulate this week. So, Part 1.

First, some books for the color program I created:

If Elephants Wore Pants… by Henriette Barkow; illustrated by Richard Johnson. I used this book in my program, because it is fun and kind of silly, and the illustrations are colorful and well drawn.

The Art Lesson, by Tomie dePaola. This book was a little long for my purposes, but would be ideal for children who are really in to art-- not just coloring, but actually interested in the whole process and different mediums, etc. The illustrations screamed "'80's children's book" to me.

The Crayon Box that Talked, by Shane DeRolf; illustrated by Michael Letzig. Oo, one with a lesson. Can't all just get along, you crayons?

Next, some other stuff:

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type, by Doreen Cronin; illustrated by Betsy Lewin. I will be reading this one outloud. I have a toy that moos. This is a fun book, which is probably why MCPL has about 8 copies.

Next, by Michael Crichton. I can now claim all grown-up books are read for work. That's kind of true, as I was able to recommend this book to a patron. I'm not a big fan of this author, however. I've read a few of his books (ok, maybe 2) in the past, and they all read to me like a series of short stories: there are so many characters that they are nearly impossible to keep straight, and while what's going on with each of them does revolve around a common thread, surprisingly few of them actually interact with each other regularly.

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