Saturday, August 02, 2008

I'm Waiting for an Awesome Book.

Private, by Kate Brian. I just got the next two in the series, but I wanted to respond to this one before my opinion was possibly warped by further reading. I felt this book had a good depth for its intended audience. I'm not sure how realistic it is, but from the point of view of a dramatic teenager, the characters are probably all believable. There's drugs and booze and sex, and if I had teenagers, I'd want to be up on what they were reading. Monitor your offspring, people!

Millicent's Gift, by Ann Rinaldi. I thought I might like this because I tend to enjoy books that add a little magic to an otherwise every-day kind of story. This wasn't so great, however. The other-worldly elements seemed underdeveloped, or at least poorly explained. It was more spiritualism than magic, and I felt it needed more history, deeper back story. 

Untouchable and Inner Circle, by Kate Brian. I don't think I really like where these are going. Nor do I appreciate all the 16-year-olds boozing it up with no repercussions.

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Ms. Yingling said...

Thanks for the heads up on the Kate Brian. Your reviews are short and too the point! Very helpful. I, too, am waiting for something good. Had a difficult time finding things I liked this summer. You might try Generation Dead-- it was at least different!