Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Final Gasp.

So I crammed in a few more books before the assigned reading takes over my life. Talking to Dragons, by Patricia C. Wrede. I'm not sure why the author switched to first person narration for this one. I like it less. The Legacy, by Kate Brian. It's hard, as a sober, responsible adult who lived through a quiet, unpopular high school career, to get behind a book when the main plot only follows attempts to throw a massive party, a party that has the theme, "what you see here, what you do here, who you touch here, who you screw here... all will remain here" (p. 213). Woo-hoo for random, unprotected sex! Also, every time someone dies, Reed gets down on everyone for about a week for wanting to move on and forget all the drama. But at the end of the week, that's just what she's doing. When they do it, it's bad. When she does it, it's good. When they do it while she's doing it, it's still mostly bad. From Dead to Worse, by Charlaine Harris. Things happened that were unexplained. I hate waiting for sequels. The Highest Tide, by Jim Lynch. This was an awesome book. It makes me miss home even more. The language didn't exactly fit with the age of the character, no matter how smart he was supposed to be, but other than that, I really enjoyed it. Mostly, I think I just appreciated how the author was obviously familiar with the area, the tidal life; he knows what tide flats smell like and he doesn't hold it against them.

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