Monday, September 15, 2008

I [heart] Nonfiction!

Bitten: True medical stories of bites and stings, by Pamela Nagami. I enjoyed the first half of the book a bit more, but that is only because I personally find bacteria slightly less interesting than paralyzing ticks. It was still very interesting bacteria. The author is a little bit happy with the commas and relied a bit too heavily on "... as in this next case:", but other than that, excellent all around. Head Cases: stories of brain injury and its aftermath, by Michael Paul Mason. The author relates the stories of several of his cases; he is a case manager for people with traumatic (&/or acquired) brain injury. If you like science-y nonfiction, you will enjoy this. The author does tend to tell stories out of order, beginning each patient's story at the point he met them, then giving some background, and jumping back and forth between history and more recent events; sometimes the patient's history is interspersed with other stories or cultural discussion, or events from the author's own life. I can't say it was that wonderfully written, but I did enjoy the cases, and the author struck a good balance between science and understandability. Ambition, by Kate Brian. She deserves it!

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