Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rushing off.

Beauty Sleep, by Cameron Dokey. Very similar to The Storyteller's Daughter in most ways, but in first person. Rather predictable in many ways. I like the spin on the 100-year nap. Self-Made Man, by Norah Vincent. A very interesting book; I'm dying to have my husband read it and tell me what he thinks (like that would ever happen). I'm bogged down in the last chapter; it's gotten all uber-reflective and rather too mushy and dull. I liked her observations given in the chapters, in the middle of the action. This bit at the end is just too drawn out. The Black Book of Colors, by Menea Cottin; illustrated by Rosana Farla. I love the concept, but this could have been done better-- I think it's the quality of the paper that brings it down. It may be because my fingers were abused by hot dish water for quite a while just prior to reading this book, but I really couldn't feel the Braille, and the illustrations didn't stand up much from the page either. Make them bigger and taller, and I'd be behind it all the way. Up, by Jim LaMarche. Gorgeous colored pencil art! I can't quite place the age group this would be appropriate for, it seems like it would be good to read with one child, instead of a small or large group. A beautifully illustrated book, with a touching story. Hurrah! The Tree Shepherd's Daughter, by Gillian Summers. 68 pages is enough for me to know that, although the rest of the writing seems pretty good, the main character is not the kind of person I like to spend my time with, and the dialogue is stilted and awkward. That's one trilogy I won't be reading.

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