Thursday, March 05, 2009

Note the change.

That's right, starting in a mere six days, I will be working full time as a Reference Librarian.

I will try to get some reading done before the move, since I just picked up a huge stack of books from MCPL the other day (gah!) that I've been waiting for, like, forever. I have a feeling that, in a few weeks, the general content of my blog may change-- I will be doing some collection development, but I don't yet know for what area. Maybe nonfiction (gasp!). Exciting!

Fearless: Twisted,
Fearless: Kiss, and
Fearless: Payback, by Francine Pascal. These have let me down a teeny bit. The stories are pretty good, the plot moves along, but we aren't getting the details about Gaia's life to piece together. There hasn't really been any new information about her or her family. My interest is piqued with the whole Ella thing, but even that has been light on concrete details. I always like to get to know the characters as people, which is why solely plot-focused and -driven books don't hold my attention, no matter how much action there is. Still, they are not bad books, and, judging from how worn they are, young readers enjoy them. They could certainly do far worse.

Fade, by Lisa McMann. This is the sequel to Wake, which I loved very much. There seemed to be more fragments in this one; I don't remember this choppy feel from the first one. It didn't read very smoothly, but the way the author used fragments actually matched up pretty well with how I use speech and fragments in my head (no, I don't always think in full sentences, even though I speak in paragraphs), so, while bumpy, it didn't feel unnatural. The characters seemed more developed, though, perhaps a little more real. I don't like how every book with a female main character eventually becomes a book about her and her boyfriend, their relationship, and sex (see also Fearless), but I suppose the situations and realtionships are realistic and relevant to this age group.
It's open for another book to continue the story, but the reader wasn't left hanging. You can read these and stop forever and feel complete, but I rather like the two main characters, so I'll keep reading. The author's website confirms there will be a third book (Gone), which is scheduled to be released in the spring of 2010.

Flight 29 Down (Season 01), created by D.J. MacHale and Stan Rogow. This is a first for me-- a movie review! Well, ok, a tv series on DVD. I only actually watched the first episode and not even very much of that. The acting was pretty bad-- being high schoolers, they seemed to think that acting constitutes delivering lines while waving hands around at waist level. In the show, it seems even more apparent that each character is a charicature of a stereotype, and that's exactly how they were played, like they had to go overboard to make it super obvious which character was supposed to be the brainy one, which the shy one, which one the joker, etc.
My reason for watching even this little bit was to find out how closely the books follow the show. It was actually very close, although the books draw out the action a little bit more, and of course give more background and can convey characters' thoughts.
I can recommend neither the books nor the show.

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