Sunday, March 01, 2009

white space

Fearless: Sam, by Francine Pascal. I'm not sure why certain phrases appear in a different font and font size-- they frequently don't seem like they ought to be the focus of the sentences, so I'm not sure why they stand out. Wash Your Hands!: The Dirty Truth about Germs, Viruses, and Epidemics-- and the Simple Ways to Protect Yourself in a Dangerous World, by Dr. Frederic Saldmann. I read these books, even though they bring out my Monk-like tendencies. I generally like more detail in my nonfiction, but this was a good overview of a huge subject, a good intro. Fearless: Run, by Francine Pascal. I like how the information is trickling out, and it mostly fits together and makes sense. I've got the next 3 on reserve. I'm waiting for the library to announce the winner of the Winter Reading Program. I guess it wasn't me. :`(

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