Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Find the Hype Unwarranted

My Soul to Lose, by Rachel Vincent. I remembered today that Harlequin is publishing their first book in their new teen imprint on July 28th. The book I've heard the most about, Intertwined by Gena Showalter, is in response to Twilight and its ilk of whiny females and sparkly boys... I mean, that great book Twilight and other amazing teen romance novels that prepare young women for the realities of positive interpersonal relationships. Anyway, the imprint is apparently just called Harlequin Teen; you can see a little info on it here, even though it isn't listed on Harlequin's main site with all their other imprints. As a promotional, you can download My Soul to Lose, the prequel to My Soul to Take, the first book to be published. It's free, and so is the software you need to open it. Unfortunately, that's about the only good thing I can say about it. It sounds like there is a love interest in the actual book, but there was very little mention in this booklet (~50 pgs.), which made me wonder why Harlequin was picking it up. If this prequel is any indication of what the book will be like, I'm quite sure the series isn't worth my time or limited funds: the writing is fragmenty, and the author is trying to be mysterious and suspenseful but in reality is just vague and without focus. She doesn't do a good job of setting up mystery: she does a poor job of explaining. People should note the difference. The premise for the book may be good; I can't tell without more detail. This "book" was just a teaser. On a separate note, apparently it's time to already start planning for the Book Blogger Appreciation Week, September 14-18. Participate in the official proceedings, and watch here-- I'll see if I can come up with some cool stuff. I do have some ARCs I can give away. Do also take a look at the Nominations page-- I keep an eye on a dozen blogs or so because I find them helpful, funny, and/or informative. Nominate your own favorites!

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