Sunday, January 02, 2011


A Pearl Among Princes, by Coleen Murtagh Paratore.  This is an ARC; I'm not sure where I got it, I think a colleague shunted it over to my office. 
I really want to not recommend this book, because the writing wasn't very good.  As I think about that statement in my mind, I find that the characters were deep enough for a work for this reading level and the story moved along pretty well.  It was the terrible, horrible, horrendous dialogue that makes me think the whole book sucked.  And really, most of the dialogue was ok, there were just a few places where it was really really really terrible, and those are the ones I remember.  The other thing that made me think less of the writing was that the island where the characters live was never identified (it's supposed to be a secret island, but it doesn't say what ocean it's in or what country it's near) and there wasn't much sense of time.  The author needed to nail down a setting a little bit more.
Despite the fact that I spent the whole book thinking of the less-than-stellar writing, I was really interested in the character and what would happen to her. 
This is far from the author's first work, but hopefully, with more practice, her dialogue skills will improve. 

I fully intend to figure out my year book count... when the boy is down for his nap.


preschool said...

Just saw your comment about checking our system out.
Check our website out and go to the Stanwood location, you can then check out our branch blog- which Rob (from LaPorte) runs

Ms. Yingling said...

This one hasn't gone out very well at my school, and I found it slightly irritating as well. Wouldn't have gotten it if I hadn't picked up a hardcover at a book look.