Tuesday, January 11, 2011

work work work

Dark Voyage, by Alan Furst.  I read exactly 43 pages of this book; a patron question about a name that appeared, and I couldn't get a clear picture for what was going on by reading just that page, or a few pages.  It's not my normal choice-- based on both writing style and setting/time period-- but I was really getting into it, even though I wouldn't pick the author's writing style-- very short sentences always, and I seem to remember a dearth of verbs.  Despite my strong initial reaction to the writing, I became very interested in the character; however, once I got to the part the patron was asking about, the book got shunted to the bottom of a stack in my office and I didn't see it again for about two weeks.  I had intended to take it home to finish but, yeah, that didn't happen.

Wild Life, by Molly Gloss.  I weeded this book from our fiction section because it never checked out, but it looked really interesting.  The first two-thirds of the book was really great, an excellent and realistic portrayal, but then it got all crazy.  If the book wants to be crazy, that's totally ok, but it was presented so realistically and normally in the first part that our little jaunt into insanity didn't jive and makes me say it's not a very good book.

We've been reading a ton of picture books at home, but I don't have of those titles with me just now.  Watch out for dinosaurs!

Note to me: I need to complete my 2010 count and see how I'm doing.

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