Friday, September 09, 2011

SRP reads

I'm only a month behind on this post. These are the books we read for the juvenile summer reading program. The boy reader earned four dinky little prizes, and one drawing slip for one of the grand prize drawings (which he did not win, but he had trouble focusing once he wasn't getting a physical, actual toy every few books).

V is for Venus Flytrap: A Plant Alphabet, by Eugene Gagliano; illustrated by Elizabeth Traynor. I reported on this one a few posts ago. I found it very clunky, but my son liked it.

Plants that Eat Animals, by Allan Fowler. I also mentioned this one one a few posts ago with all the carnivorous plants books. This was the best book available for the age group, and my son loved it; we read it about 5 times.

My Little Sister Hugged an Ape, by Bill Grossman ; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.  not memorable, although I think it was pretty fun at the time.  Alphabet books are great for us right now.

The Very Clumsy Click Beetle, by Eric Carle. The repetition included in this story is great for my son.  He repeats with the story and it keeps him engaged.  Also, sound effects!

Press Here, by Herve Tullet.  This is really cool.  It might have been a little better for a slightly younger audience-- about 1 to 2.5; we only read it once, but I wanted to read it more.

Chugga-chugga choo-choo, by Kevin Lewis.  Far too simple.

Curious George Learns the Alphabet,  by H.A. Rey; Curious George Makes Pancakes and Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory, by Margret and H.A. Rey; Curious George at the Aquarium, by R.P. Anderson and illustrated by Anna Grossnickle Hines; Curious George Visits a Police Station, by Margret Rey and illustrated by Alan J. Shalleck; and Curious George Goes to the Beach and Curious George Goes Fishing, by Margret and H.A. Rey and illustrated by Vipah Interactive. All these guys have something right, because my little guy will do anything for Curious George.  He can read 10 Curious George books in a row.  What a hit!  However, I don't think George is a good role model.  He gets rewarded when he fixes a problem or saves the day, which is nice, but no one ever mentions that the day needed saving because George was messing with something he should have left alone in the first place.  You don't get rewarded for taking responsibility for your own mistakes.  I think George sends the wrong message.

Also, Cecily G. and the 9 Monkeys, by H.A. Rey.  Original introduction of Curious George? This was weird and made no sense, not in a let's-make-children-laugh sort of way, but more in a I-have-no-idea-what-children-find-funny way, or even a it's-funny-cause-I'm-high! sort of way.

Gallop! and Swing!, by Rufus Butler Seder.  Good thing these were already damaged, or we would have broken them.  Quite an ingenious idea and well-done, too.

LMNO Peas, by Keith Baker.  Hilarious!  Fantastico!  but my son didn't get it.

Click, Clack, Moo: Cows that Type, by Doreen Cronin.  "That's so silly, Mommy!" says it all.

Sweet Dreams, Maisy, by Lucy Cousins.  I have no memory of this book.  

123 to the Zoo, by Eric Carle.  My son, the art lover.

The Belly Button Fairy, by Bobbie Hinman.  Apparently this is high comedy when one is nearly four years old.

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