Friday, September 09, 2011

SRP reads, part two

Elephant, by Jinny Johnson. This is one of those leveled readers for first graders to work on reading on their own, but my guy loves having leveled readers books read to him, because they are so informative. 

Tiny Little Fly, by Michael Rosen; illustrated by Kevin Waldron.  My son picked this out because it had a tiger on the front.  I don't remember what happened.

Can You Growl Like a Bear?, by John Butler. Try doing this quietly in the library.  We actually did really well and it's a fun book (although I didn't think the illustration style fit).

I am a Big Dinosaur, by Francois Crozat.  In the last few months, dinosaurs have firmly replaced trains as the coolest thing in the universe, so how could we go wrong here?

For his dinky prizes, my son chose a zebra pop-up toy, a cow mask, a bear mask, and a slap bracelet.  I didn't even know those were coming back!  Ah, 5th grade, the memories.

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