Tuesday, December 25, 2012

white christmas

My son is so enraptured with his new toys that he is actually leaving me alone.   I ordered my son a play kitchen for his big Christmas present, and then I went about knitting a larder of food for him. I was working on a baked potato at the library's knitting group last week and when asked, I explained.  Several of the ladies in the group, especially older ladies, surprised me the vehemence of their "good for you!" comments.  I didn't realize buying my son-- who already enjoys helping me cook-- a play kitchen that comes in gender-neutral colors, was a huge feminist move.  Of course, I am part of a heterosexual couple in which the female part (that's me) has very short hair and wears the pants monetarily, and the male part has long hair,  prefers kilts, and does most of the weekday-dinner cooking (because he gets home earlier than me every afternoon).  Anyway, he's busy shoving knitted eggs into a plastic mini fridge so I am free to type.

Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde.  What have I just read?  Partly I'm sure I was confused because the first half of the book I read over the course of about two weeks, fighting sleep the whole time. The second half of the book I read all in one go while definitely awake.  And this is not the fault of the author; it's actually very carefully cultivated confusion, I think: the reader doesn't get to know the back story because none of the characters even know there is a back story But everything, all the details,etc., are very consistent throughout. There must be a very developed timeline; we just don't know it.

Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives by Thomas French.  590.7.  This book was less about zoos in general, actually a history of a specific zoo. The author did a great job of depicting both (all) sides of the captivity question.  Well written, engaging.

Law and Order: SVU, seasons 1 through 8, created by Dick Wolf. We love this show. But since we don't get TV, we only get to watch it when we are on vacation. (Yes, I know about Netflix.)  Recently, someone donated to the library SVU seasons 1-8 and also season 14 of the original series.  I have abused my power and we watched all of them. Mwah-ha-ha.
The only bad thing is, I was patron number 3 on some of these discs.  Part of season 4 is already so damaged that we had to skip several episodes.  Come on, people.


Ms. Yingling said...

My son, who is now 17, had a play kitchen as well as a doll named Bob that he carried everywhere. people commented back then, and it surprised me then. That it is still an issue... Sigh.

Katy said...

I read a very good novel by Jasper Fforde. I think it was called "the eyre affair." I hope I'm not misremembering. It was worth a read!

sarah said...

that is the title of one of his books, first in a series. i've read that series (many years ago) and was considering re-reading it. i also enjoyed it!