Monday, July 13, 2015

are there any spaces missing?

because I have to either use the 4-year-old laptop, which can handle the internet but has a crappy keyboard, or I can use the 8-year-old desktop that has a decent keyboard but can't handle having two browser windows open at the same time.  Just trying to save a draft of thisfreezes it up for about 3 minutes. But I'm not yet desperate enough to commandeer various technologies and make Frankenstein's computer.

Storm Front, Fool Moon, and Grave Peril by Jim Butcher.  As it turns out, these are an ideal read-alike for Charlaine Harris' old series (and probably her new one, which I haven't tried yet).  I'd seen it on read-alike lists, but from the description I thought people were just lumping paranormal series together, but in fact, the storytelling, structure, and characters all have similar elements.
By the third book, some things are starting to get rather repetitive (describing the main character's car, and how it came to look that way, the first time it shows up in every book for example).  The third book also seems out of sequence.  I checked Fantastic Fiction, Novelist, and Wikipedia to be sure I hadn't missed a book or four in between: characters are referred to as if we had seen them before (we have not), and then the adventure that brought them all together is shared with the reader through a dream.  I strongly question the wisdom of that piece of story organization.

Orange is the New Black, season 3, with Taylor Schilling. Dear Netflix: in future, please film the entire run of whatever you plan to produce before releasing it.  Or, perhaps release one episode a week (like TV!) so viewers can't binge-watch the whole thing too quickly, inflicting longer wait times on ourselves.
I made this season last a whole week-- way longer than I took to get through season 2.

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