Friday, March 18, 2016

another friday

The x-files, season 1, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  I thought this was supposed to be by aliens. What's with all the fringe science and cryptids?

I had tried to watch this a couple years ago and for some reason couldn't get into it. Now, the glorious early '90s incarnate is more entertaining sometimes than the actual show. I guess I just needed to be further away from it, like watching TNG.

Red planet blues by Robert J. Sawyer.  This author's actually starting to get better. The writing was a lot less clunky than all of his previous work that I've read.  

Time and time again by Ben Elton.  This book sort of has three parts: at first, it seems like a stereotypical time travel story with expected plot parts and tropes.  Then the author tries to introduce something new, and it looks like the story will be full of missing details. Then, very near the end, the author resolves a lot of those issues but the ending comes out of nowhere and smacks you upside the head.  Overall, the book is interesting, but probably is most appropriate for people who like to read widely within a sci-fi, not casual fans.
While I was reading this, my husband recognize the author name (I had not before starting); I really like, make that love, a lot of the TV writing he's done. I think if I had known who he was before picking up the book, my expectations would have been way high, plus I would have been expecting a very different writing style. This may be another example of how TV writers have difficulty making the leap to a novel. It's a very different format.

Choose your own love story by Ilyse Mimoun.  I got this as an ARC probably at PNBA. It was very funny.  I went through a couple times, once as probably what I really would do in the situations and once as what I would do if I were smart.

2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson.  I have repeatedly read very good things about this author, but I can't read this: it's mostly made up of fragments interspersed with sentences that buck grammar.

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