Friday, April 29, 2016

good day: sunshine

I know what my delay is: I'm part-way through several books that I don't particularly want to finish, but neither do I want to commit to quitting.  I'm going to try to finish some on way or the other this weekend.

Eagle in exile by Alan Smale.  The ending of this book was so much better than the first in the series. They stand together and, although the story obviously has room to continue, it's ok to stop and wait a few years for the next installment.

Like the first book, this one suffered a bit from the gaps between activities.  This book spans a few years, and of course not every day is notable, but the gaps between events worth noting felt very empty.  Maybe it's the character's angst, the story's underlying foundation that he never really has any good days.

The x-files, season 2, with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.  Season 2 is only memorable in its level of grossness-for-the-sake-of-being-gross.  I can't complain very strenuously, though, since I'm already halfway through season 3.

Quantum night by Robert J. Sawyer.  The main character in here is a little farcical, as some of this author's philosophically-bent characters tend to be.  I think the author creates some of these characters just to see how out-there he can make them. Maybe it's a thought experiment.  In any case, they end up being not very real and so not very relatable.

Dukes are forever by Anna Harrington.  My husband asked me, "what does 'Dukes are forever' even mean?"  I said I have no idea.  It doesn't really relate to the plot.
I must have read a raving review that made me place this hold.  Raving mad, is more like.  This is awful.  After one conversation, the characters spend pages and pages ruminating on how stubborn the other is.  This is the theme throughout the book.  There's no realistic character development, and neither are extremely likable.

One the subject of ridiculous romance novels, I read a review today (starred, by the way; the reviewer loved it) in which the male lead is in a hurry to get back to the Indies to run his fair-trade cocoa farm, where I'm sure there are no slaves and everyone's paid a living wage.  The book is set around 1795, I think. Someone tell the Smart Bitches; I'd love to read that review. 

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