Monday, June 13, 2016

Working on the rest of the hoard

Paying for it: A comic-strip memoir about being a john by Chester Brown.  I was expecting something a bit... more from this, although upon reflection, why do people write memoirs?  Because they have an experience few people have had, right?  This certainly qualifies.  Given the subject, though, I was anticipating there would be something more in the way of... something with an opinion, at least.  The narrator expresses a few thoughts about the industry, and he includes a few thoughts by friends included in the story, but there isn't really anything here in the way of "this is right/wrong because" or "we need to [do action] because [reason]."  Of course, if the author had included such thoughts (assuming he has such a position), he would certainly have alienated potential readers, but considering the size of the potential audience, and how the lack of position also leaves a (perhaps equal?) number of readers dissatisfied, it seems silly to leave it out.

Curious minds by Janet Evanovich and Phoef Sutton.  This is being marketed on the author's name-- which is the biggest thing on the cover.  The title isn't much of a sell.  This is absolute fluff, which has its place (like, on beach chairs with tequila sunrises nearby), so don't look for anything by way of character depth or development.  

...not that you'd expect a ton of character depth from this author, but something would be nice.  As it is, the characters are mere plot devices and their actions can all be chalked up to "the story needed them to" rather than having any actual personal reason for any of their actions.  Beware: it sets up for a series.

Every anxious wave by Mo Daviau.  I've checked this out several times. While the description sounds awesome, I had real trouble getting into it: a portal through time appears in your closet and you set up a business around it, no questions asked? Your geeky friend creates a computer program to control it, and we gloss over that in literally one sentence? That's a whole book right there! I couldn't get beyond that.

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