Sunday, July 24, 2016

final thoughts

I had a couple pictures from my reading challenge that I didn't stick in anywhere yet.  Here ya go!

I had been reading by firelight the first night, but it got too dark to keep on.  
Lunch, day 2: the benches and chairs were still too wet, so I reprised the eating-breakfast-in-the-car plan for lunch.  It was a good plan.
Free bonus camping tip: peeps.  For the first time ever this year, I managed to keep a box of Easter peeps completely safe from predation and took it camping. They have a nice little extra specialness over regular marshmallows: the outer sugar got nice and crunchy.  They're even nice if they get accidentally set on fire.  We brought chickies; I would prefer one of the flat shapes (bunnies, trees, or stars).  Chicks are available online year-round-- I just bought some more for later summer camping-- but I can't seem to get other shapes from

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