Saturday, July 23, 2016

Re(ad)treat: Final

The backup waiting for the bridge closure allowed me to finish my audiobook and seemed a good time to officially tie up the project.  Official time: 10:54 am Thursday to 1:16 pm Saturday, or about 50 hours and 20 minutes.  Total count: 8 books.

(When we did finally cross the bridge, we could see the top bit of a submarine sticking out of the water as it moved down the Canal, so that was cool.)

Jeeves and the tie that binds by P.G. Wodehouse, read by Frederick Davidson.  These are pleasant for drives and such: nice, and I had something to listen to while trying to wrestle the tent back into its case.  This narrator was alright; not my favorite, but ok.  I was unfamiliar with the story for this one, so hurrah there as well.

Belfair State Park, of the Washington State Park System.  I chose this park for one reason exclusively: it was the closest campsite to where I was stashing my child.  It was a very short drive to my in-laws, and conveniently three and half miles from a grocery story in case of food emergency.  If you are looking for anything else, as we usually are, when choosing a campground (such as views, site spaciousness, site privacy, hiking opportunities inside the campground, other recreation outlets inside the campground, or proximity to hiking/recreation nearby outside the campground), Belfair SP would severely disappoint.  The campsites are much smaller than other state parks we've camped in and there is nothing except a few ferns between each site, affording zero privacy.  A few sites on the edge have a nice view and easy access to the water and beach, but most are back under the trees (where it is humid).  The frequently-placed water spouts in my loop were all out of order.  There is a token-operated shower, but the shower room has only one bench (dirty) with no hooks, and it had a bug problem.  I cannot recommend this park.  Fortunately, it met my limited criteria, which pretty much involved being a place where I could toss up a tent and build a fire. 

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