Friday, July 22, 2016

Re(ad)treat: Hour, um, 39

Sleep donation by Karen Russell.  Technically a novella, I think.  The short format works surprisingly well.  There obviously isn't space to get into the nitty-gritty of the sci-fi-esque problem, so it feels completely natural to totally accept it and get on with the story.

The main character's voice is authentic, relatable, empathetic.  The writing has areas that are nearly poetic and are beautiful and add to the narration.

After finishing Sleep donation and letting the fire go out, I circumambulated the campground for a bit of movement.  My spot is back under the trees, on the far side of a loop, but if one is lucky-- or plans far enough ahead-- many spots are right on the water.

A symphony of echoes by Jodi Taylor.  There is a small problem with this book, as there was in the first installment: namely, if the timeline will protect itself by killing the good guys if they so much as step on a snail by accident, why does it let the bad guys do whatever they want? Ignoring that flaw, this is a better bit of storytelling than book one: less (poorly-handled) messy personal stuff, sticking tighter to the book-specific adventures and the series-long narrative arc conspiracy story.

The head lamp still is working beautifully. I heartily recommend one, even for regular home in-bed reading.

Forgive any sentences that make no sense: it's 3 minutes to 2 and my 5 cups of coffee have worn off.  See you in the morning!

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