Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Impressions, follow-up (tardy)

I looked at dozens of books for the program I mentioned, which was on 12/3, but I was in such a rush I wasn't able to write them down.  I also ended up going a different direction than usual, matching coffees to books set in, or written by authors from, the same countries as the beans.  Here is the final list presented: 

Circling the sun by Paula McLain.  I quick-read this one and presented it.  It was pretty good.  The landscapes were beautifully-described, and the main character was strong.  The secondary characters were a bit fuzzy, but I'll ascribe that to my hurried reading.  A few people present at the program had read the autobiography by the real-life individual the main character is based on; they unanimously said the autobiography was wonderful. 

No one writes to the Colonel: And other stories by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I didn't retain much from my quick glance at this, except to remember that the Nobel-prize winning author considered this his own best work. 

Say her name by Francisco Goldman.  I wish I could realistically put this on my TBR pile.  Autobiographical-novel; the volunteer reader was impressed by the powerful writing. 

Saving the world by Julia Alvarez.  Frame story, one historical fiction.  Wish I could add to my TBR. 

Prayers for the lost by Jennifer Clement and Mosquito coast by Paul Theroux.  Chosen to fit the theme and well-reviewed; I don't remember much at this point.

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