Sunday, January 01, 2017


oo, look: I made a table:

The Books Started number does not include books flipped through at work for program purposes.  I'm pretty impressed with my finishing percentage.  Good job to me; gold star.

My 2015 reading challenge was to complete a 48-hour book challenge.  I later added the additional goal of  making greater strides in my nonfiction survey. At some point, I also determined I wanted clean up the messy, non-standardized capitalization when entering titles. 

I get another gold star for these.  I organized my 48-hour reading challenge in July, and loved it, despite the rain.  I was hoping to squeeze in another one in early December-- the spouse and I tentatively planned a cabin-camping weekend, but both boys were horribly sick the day before and day of and it didn't materialize.  The 48-hour reading challenge is not to be missed.  A 2017 edition is not going down as an actual resolution, per se, but it will certainly stay as a personal goal.

Before counting this year's reads, I felt I did really poorly on the nonfiction front.  I didn't realize how many I'd read.  Many turned out to duplicate numbers I've already covered, but I was able to add a small handful of new numbers.  

Finally, I embraced the APA and only capitalized first words, first words after colons, and proper nouns when reporting book titles.  It matches up with some of the special cataloging stuff I do at work, so the conformity makes me calm and happy.
I spent a few weeks letting 2017's challenge percolate.  It seems like many readers like to-do-type lists.  These from Popsugar, Bustle, and this Read the World Challenge all had elements that appealed to me.  Removing the duplicates and the self-help entries, I have a very nice list of 70 suggestions.

This is a good list for me: much of what I'm likely to read without any prompting will check off many of the boxes.  The rest of the to-dos will be a nice stretch, to make me remember there's more out there than my five fave genres/authors/story formats.  Rules for myself: one book can only count for one box.

Happy 2017.  Now get reading.

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